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Digital Print Estimating Software

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Print Estimating software
ROBO Print Job Manager

ROBO Digital Print Job Manager is a print estimating software program for estimating print costs. The software is for digital printers and can create quotes, job sheets etc from the data.

ROBO Digital Print Job Manager is powerfull enough for estimating jobs for small to medium printers, yet you won't be bogged down with unneccesary and expensive features in the software.


  • Cost effective management solution
  • For digital printers only
  • Can be configured for local taxes
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Up to 6 different sub jobs e.g. letterheads, business cards
  • Estimates for up to 3 different runs
  • Create quotes, job sheets & invoices
  • Create & edit custom paperwork
  • Full customization for your business
  • Built in clients address book
  • Easy to locate existing orders
  • Auto totalling with instant feedback
  • Built in client address book
ROBO Digital Print Job Manager is a Digital Print Estimating Software Program that can increase your productivity by spending less time on estimating and more time on getting the job printed.

The software can have up to 6 items to be printed by a client at a time. With each of the items, up to three different runs can be included. To gather the entered required data, the user is guided through a series of dialog boxes to achieve a finished cost.

The individual costs are totalled with a complete summary of the different costed items and processes e.g. printing, laminating, folding etc. These costs can be manually adjusted.

The individual jobs are then totalled and shipping costs are added as well as any other associated costs for shipping of outwork. Discounts and/or adjustments can be applied either as a percentage or an actual amount.

Once the quote or job is costed, the variables can be included into a quote letter or other document. If a quote is accepted this can be converted into a job, after the desired run quantity is selected.

The estimating software is designed to be a quick easy method of estimating print jobs using a digital printer with a minimum of effort.

Installation/Uninstallation Details

To view the End User Lisense Agreement, please click here

Please note ROBO Print Job Manager works with an operating system of Windows XP or later. To download a free 30 day trial version, please click on the "Download" button. To purchase the software, please click on the "Purchase" button. Please note the prices quoted are one off costs.

Also please note if you need to uninstall this software, the software comes with a packaged uninstaller. To access the uninstaller, this is available from the program menu under ROBO Print Job Manager, after pressing the start button on the bottom left hand corner.

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